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Project partners

Project Partners

Freie Universität Berlin

The Computer Systems & Telematics Group at Freie Universität Berlin university is doing research in the area of wireless communication technologies such as sensor networks and mobile ad-hoc networks since 2003. Focus is energy efficient hardware and software design, robust and self-configuring routing and real-life applications. Multiple test networks are currently operated and evaluated.


Freie Universität Berlin

Berliner Feuerwehr

The Berlin fire brigade is the project's reference user. It will supply knowledge and experience on environmental parameters and practical use requirements.


IHP - Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics

The IHP is a nonprofit Research Institute that belongs to the Leibniz Association and is a worldwide leader in the area of wireless communication. It has its own SiGeC technology and a Class 1 cleanroom. The System Design Department has competencies in the research and prototyping of wireless communication systems. Several middleware platforms for context sensitive services were developed at the IHP within national (Wireless Internet ad hoc und zellular, BMBF) and international (WINEGLASS, EU) research projects. The IHP participated in the BASUMA project, within which a sensor node that allows a long-term observation of vital data of chronic ill people was developed. The IHP task was the digital communication part. On the other hand, the Mobile Internet Business (BMBF) and UbiSec&Sens (EU) projects focus on security for mobile devices and sensor nodes, respectively.



MSA is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality Safety Products and Gas Detection System Solutions, protecting people throughout the world for over a century.
With manufacturing operations on five continents and with more than 40 locations worldwide, MSA serves customers in more than 140 countries.

MSA Auer

Nanotron Technologies GmbH

Nanotron Technologies was founded in 1991 and is its 37 employees focused on the RTLS Market. Its innovative and patented modulation technique Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) enables robust data communication in harsh environments and with low power consumption. Additionally, it allows a packet-based distance measurement capability between two peer radios that resolves the distance within a range of a metre. Nanotron is an active member of IEEE where CSS has been adopted into IEEE 802.15.4a standard, as well as ISO where CSS has been integrated to the ISO 24730 RTLS standard. Nanotron also maintains membership in ISA and Zigbee. Nantron currently has its 37 employees.

Nanotron Technologies

Associated Partners


MPA - Microstrip Planar Antennas Ltd.

MPA (Microstrip Planar Antennas) Ltd. is a leading vendor of advanced antennas systems, based on the state of the art antennas technology. MPA develops and delivers state of the art antennas systems based on Micro-strip, Electronic-switching and phased array antennas systems Technologies for the Telecom and Radar industries. The results are low-cost, low size, high performance planar antennas systems for the next generation communications and Radar systems.
The company uniqueness is based on the company’s core knowledge that is a result of tens years of research and experience, very experienced R&D team, developments of innovative materials, systems and software for the design and mass production of high-quality and cost effective micro-strip planar antennas.



TimeKontor AG

TimeKontor works in the sector of information and communication technology and is focused on all aspect of technological transfer, development of innovative projects and support ot their realization. According to the motto “Good decisions need partners” we assure the exchange of experience and knowledge between all actors on a regular basis. TimeKontor offers a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services and supports IT-executives in all phases of the decision making process, planning and realisation of IT-projects. On national as well as on international level TimeKontor initiates innovative projects and builds strategic partnerships. In the context of various projects Timekontor collaborated with networks, research facilities and companies from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain.



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