BMBF FeuerWhere - Tracking Fire Fighters



Increasing safety of rescue forces

The goal of the joint-project is to improve safety of rescue forces. To achieve this, we are evaluating the three key aspects: localisation, vital monitoring and data transmission.

A demonstrator will be built to show the feasibility and further evaluate the solution in realistic environments.


In-door localisation

Rescue forces enter buildings under harsh conditions. In case of an accident every second counts to send help to the right place.

We are developing a wireless system for localisation. It has to work in rough environments without the help of any existing electronic infrastructure which is likely to fail during an incident.


Acquisition of vital parameters

Rescue forces work at their physical limits. Monitoring their vital data allows the commander to assess their state objectively and dispatch reinforcements at the right time.

We are developing a wireless body-area network in order to provide vital information and environment parameters.


Robust Data Transmission

Localisation and vital data have to be available to the incident commander promptly and up-to-date.

We are developing a wireless sensor network, which features self configuring, multi-hop communication to provide a reliable communication infrastructure.


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